No ozone Disinfection lamp UVC 60W timed ozone sterilization lamp simple operation, convenient storage, household air purifier, filter formaldehyde car, moving nqjbii1180-Ultraviolet Sterilizers

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▲ New house decoration has odor, pets have bacteria in the nest, dry weather flu virus is easy to spread, bathroom kitchen is wet and mildew, family health should pay attention to, UV ozone disinfection lamp helps you solve all problems, care for your family's health
▲[Features] Lamp can be adjusted (0-150°), sterilization has no dead angle, 360° universal wheel, easy to move, light box design, durable and not easy to damage, can be operated at regular timing, convenient and practical
▲Multi-function, the ozone released during use can not only disinfect, but also remove formaldehyde, eliminate odor, purify the air, ozone can be decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen, no secondary pollution, and effectively eliminate mites and molds.
▲High quality lamp, high UV transmittance, good bactericidal effect, long use time, simple installation, high quality starter, quick start
▲ [Precautions] UV radiation can cause skin and eye burns, and excessive inhalation of ozone is harmful to the human body. It requires people, animals and plants to leave during the disinfection process, and it takes 30 minutes to complete the ozone decomposition after the disinfection is completed.

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